7 Tips for Designing Landing Pages that Convert

How many times have you heard that landing pages are crucial for your online strategy? Do you understand the value that a highly optimized landing page can bring to your online and offline business? A landing page is different from a website and a homepage. Your website and homepage (in particular) have to serve many needs and users. A landing page is a standalone web page where the user “lands” after clicking an ad, a promotion, or a link in a search results page. Landing pages lead customers (...)

From Employee to Agency Partner: An Interview with a Small Business Owner

Are you thinking of starting your own company or struggling with growing pains? Learning from someone who’s been there is always a good idea. Today, I’m interviewing my boss, who changed zip codes many times before settling in Cleveland, where he owns a digital marketing agency, coaches basketball and soccer for his two amazing daughters, and juggles between 5 am yoga and 7 pm networking events (...)

Argentina: Récord y locura low cost

En julio llegaron las tarifas low cost a la Argentina y se vendieron 500 mil pasajes durante la primera semana, un récord inédito. Según los datos estadísticos elaborados por la Empresa Argentina de Navegación Aérea (EANA), a partir del Sistema Integrado de Aviación (SIAC), durante el mes de julio viajaron 1.360.000 pasajeros en vuelos comerciales de cabotaje, lo que marca un récord histórico para el país. A través de la resolución 656/2018, el Gobierno Nacional de Argentina permitió a las líneas aéreas ofrecer pasajes por debajo de la tarifa mínima para los boletos de ida y vuelta que se compren con 30 días de anticipación en vuelos de cabotaje.

Colombia: ¿Cómo diferenciarse?

LASA es un de las empresas más grandes de Colombia y un referente del ground handling en toda Latinoamérica. ¿Cómo diferenciarse en una industria sumamente estandarizada? ¿Qué se puede hacer a nivel empresarial para agregar valor y mejorar los procesos? Estas preguntas fueron el punto de partida de nuestra conversación con Gonzalo Aristizábal, Gerente General de LASA. Él opina que lo más importante son las personas que hacen la labor, entendiendo que deben tener los equipos en cantidad y calidad adecuada y la tecnología como aliada para ser más competitivos. Para esta empresa colombiana, es muy importante que sus empleados y colaboradores estén bien seleccionados, capacitados y motivados, “tenemos la convicción de que ese es el comienzo de una relación gana-gana, en donde gana nuestra gente, sus familias, los clientes y por supuesto, nuestra organización.”

These Women Are Killing It in The Cleveland Food Scene

Founding, growing and managing a business from scratch is like trying to cook for your entire family, by yourself, on Christmas Eve. These women-owned businesses are managing to kill it in the Cleveland food scene, and they told me everything about their journeys. I’ve been in Cleveland for almost two years and one thing I can say is that the diversity, quality, and creativity in this city’s culinary game is simply amazing. Some of the newest spots have blossomed into hip neighborhood landmarks (...)

From Digestive Issues To Instagram Health Influencer

Jani Gross suffered from the same stress and crisis that many of us do while in college. When you have to keep up with classes, essays, a job, ​and a social life, there might be a high chance that your body responds in its own defense. This Argentinian girl ― who now lives in New York City ― had a revelation after going through major digestive issues due to a hyper-demanding lifestyle. She realized she wasn't eating as healthy as she thought, and started making radical changes that she now shares (...)

Third Wave Coffee Shops Explained By A London-Based ¨Coffee Sommelier¨

Millennials have taken food and drinks to the next level, caring mostly about their quality (and yes, sometimes, their looks). Coffee is one of the most consumed brewed drinks worldwide and this new way of enjoying it is gaining supporters. This movement is called "third wave coffee" and these coffee shops offer a more conscious and gourmet way of consuming your favorite drink. I talked to my good Greek friend Georgios (from now on: George) about his job as a coffee roaster in a third wave coffee shop (...)

How Beer Is Made, According to a Craft Brewer

It's been called the solution to all problems, appreciated all over the place, a good friend to many, a wonderful taste—that's right, I'm talking about beer. Have you ever wondered, "how is beer made?" Beer is thought to have been around since the beginning of civilization. By 9000 BC, humans began to organize themselves in communities and develop agricultural activities, abandoning nomadic life. But the first record of beer was found in Sumerian clay tablets around 4000 BC. Beer was very important​ (...)

The 11 Most Expensive Beers in the World Will Definitely Give You Sticker Shock

Beer is a refreshing treat for millions of people every day and everywhere. Did you know that there is a luxurious side to beer, the beverage chosen by 43% of America's drinking population? Let's check out the most expensive beers in the world. There is a luxurious side for almost anything you can think of. From airplanes to popcorn, there is a market for everything, and people willing to pay ridiculous amounts of money for things you wouldn't imagine. Beer is a beloved treasure around the globe (...)

How to Beat a Sugar Addiction When You're In Love With Candy

Glucose is the fuel for our brain, therefore, our whole body needs sugar to function. Refined sugar—what's in every sweet junk food you consume on those late study nights—is highly addictive and dangerous. If you feel anxious when there are sweets or pastries in front of you; if you can't put that chocolate bar back in the fridge or on the counter because you won't stop thinking about it until you are done with it; if you can't spend a day without sweet treats; if your only cure for anxiety is (...)

5 Steps for Meditating If You Can't Sit Still

Meditation is a necessary-to-everyone practice that most people see as an unachievable goal. It is basically the only way we have to control our minds, instead of letting our minds control us. It makes you earn emotional strength and be aware of your own thoughts. Some people say that their form of meditation is cooking, reading, walking, or watching a movie. All those things are great and definitely necessary for one to be able to relax and enjoy free time. I used to think the same, but (...)

50 Foods You Can't Leave Barcelona Without Trying

Living in Europe is very stimulating, you can breathe history and culture almost everywhere you go. Old buildings, ancient traditions, diverse faces, multilingualism and closeness to many countries in a continent that is a little larger than the size of the US. But the most important part of living in Europe is the FOOD. The food is awesome. Food is everywhere, in different colors, scents, and flavors. I'm saying goodbye to Barcelona after two years, and let me tell you it is a very food-friendly (...)

The Best Workout For You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Some years ago I did a three-month astrology course. It completely changed the way I saw people and events, for a while I was a little (just a little) obsessed, I was running around asking everyone about their zodiac sign, but with time I learned not to be extreme and consider all the contextual facts that lead people to behave the way they do. Astrology is an amazing tool if you know how to use it, but the first thing you need to learn is to be reasonable and not go crazy with believing everything (...)

These Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies Are Vegan and Gluten-Free

Yes, it is true, you only need two ingredients to make these cookies. The rest depends on your taste, but with gluten-free oatmeal and bananas,​ you are ready to go. Cookies are one of the world's sweetest snacks of all times, but sadly for gluten-intolerant people, they are a forbidden pleasure. I know, I know there are lots of brands selling gluten-free cookies...but where does the excitement of baking your own go? When I found out I was gluten-intolerant it was a very, very depressing day, but (...)